Trundle Bed Ideas

The trundle bed ideas designs are designed for many reasons and provide ingenious solutions. The cool trundle beds offer an extra storage system that is a great benefit, while the quality ones feature top-notch materials to create something lasting.

There are so many different types of trundle beds ideas, and it all depends on what you want. You can find one that is a perfect fit for any living room!

Things that must be considered!

Here are things to watch out for!

  • A trundle bed must have proper pull and push service. Otherwise, the rust will start to form on it which is not good for your sleep quality. It’s important that you take care of this issue before it gets out of hand so make sure to give a little elbow grease in order to ensure everything runs smoothly!
  • Make sure you have enough space for your jewelry collection. Check the drawers and make necessary repairs if needed to ensure they work properly without any issues.
  • Make sure you have enough space for your jewelry collection. Check the drawers and make necessary repairs if needed to ensure they work properly without any issues.

Modern & Minimalism Trundle Bed Ideas Designs

The 10 coolest and latest trundle bed ideas designs are listed below.

Sheesham Wood Single Trundle Bed Design

Trundle Bed Ideas By Sheesham

The daybed with trundle is a great way to conserve space and make it perfect for any child. This bed comes in brown, the material of choice when looking at Sheesham products; sheesham’s single beds are good fit for twins as well! The low profile makes this an ideal pick up if you have limited space, while still providing quality materials from one of the best sources around: Shesham.

  • Material/Finish: Sheesham/Walnut.
  • Dimensions: 76*67*64.
  • Style: Single bed.
  • Mattress Type: Single bed mattress.
  • Pillow Type: One simple pillow.

Package Two Places Trundle Bed Design

Package Two Places Trundle Bed Ideas Design

The twin bed with trundle is not a complex design, but it can provide the best of comfort. Simply attach this low bed to the bottom portion of your normal size mattress and you will have enough space for two guests! This white bunk-bed has both full capacity as well as twin capacity so one could get them at an affordable price in India. So go on out there and pick up that deal before somebody else does!

  • Material/Finish: Wood/Simple.
  • Dimensions: 23*78*98.
  • Style: Double bed.
  • Mattress Type: Foam Mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

One Single Bed With Trundle Bed

One Single Bed With Trundle Bed Ideas

The queen trundle bed can be a choice for someone’s room. But apart from it, the single bed can be replaced with a pop-up trundle bed which is provided by Urban Ladder and has been designed to suit contemporary homes. Its teak finish also makes it look pure while its affordable price tag will allow you buy one as well without feeling guilty about spending too much on something that isn’t needed at all times!

  • Material/Finish: Rosewood/Teak.
  • Dimensions: 98*87*202.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Advance Mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

One Bed with Trundle in Dark Walnut Finish

With the twin size trundle bed, you can sleep in any position and be comfortable. This is because it fits all types of mattresses including an air mattress or futon which are already a firm sleeping surface on their own. And for those that have never slept on one before – they’re just as comfy! You’ll also love how easy it is to store things beneath your bed when there’s nothing better than having extra storage space (especially if you live somewhere with limited closet space).

  • Material/Finish: Rubberwood/Dark Walnut.
  • Dimensions: 98*109*199.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Foam Mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Trundle Bed in Mahogany

Introducing the “Single Daybed with Trundle Bed.” The day bed is a single mattress, but includes an easy-to-use trundle that can be pulled out to form another sleeping space – perfect for sleepovers. It also features a mahogany finish on the wood giving it natural appeal and longevity. Get your own at any one of our stores!

  • Material/Finish:  Sheesham wood/Mahogany.
  • Dimensions: 186*95*16.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Simple mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Double Bed with Caster Wheels

Double Bed with Caster Wheels

The trundle day bed is quite to be known for kids. Similarly, the king size with trundle has some of these same properties when you want a good night’s sleep! The only difference is that there are castor wheels on this version and it also comes in black which looks classy at home too. So if you’re looking for an adult-sized twin or king size bed then look no further because one can easily find them here as well!

  • Material/Finish: Carbon steel/Wood.
  • Style: Modern.
  • Mattress Type: Simple mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Trundle Bed with Storage Space

Trundle Bed with Storage Space

The trundle bed with storage and drawers is the perfect mixture for success in your room. The blue color of this single, pop-up bed will make a fantastic addition to any bedroom! Alongside these features, it also has simple storage that can be easily accessed through its drawer inside. It’s one choice you don’t want to miss if looking for complete set of beds at an affordable price!

  • Material/Finish: Rubberwood/Blue.
  • Dimensions: 98*78*67.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Foam mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Trundle Bed Design for Living Room

Trundle Bed Ideas Design for Living Room

If you’re looking for a modern furniture item that is both comfortable and easy to assemble, then the Trundle Bed may be just what you need. This bed’s main Sheesham wood frame has two storage systems built in so it can function as an end table when not being used with its trundle mattress!

  • Material/Finish: Sheesham wood/Brown.
  • Dimensions: 36*38*82.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Advance mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Strong Wood Trundle Bed Design

Strong Wood Trundle Bed Ideas Design

If you’re looking to make an extra guest bed or sleep area in your living room, the trundle bed is perfect for that. The main advantage of a trundle over other options like futons and sleeping bags is that it can be pulled out from under the couch when needed but also tucked away neatly until then–keeping as much space clear with its low profile design. You’ll find many great designs on stores shelves these days: some have additional storage areas built-in; others are made with quality materials at affordable prices so you get high value without spending too much money!

  • Material/Finish: Pinewood/Brown.
  • Dimensions: 45*67*76.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Foam mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Small Size Oak Trundle Bed

Small Size Oak Trundle Bed Ideas

Mango wood provides a heavy spacing and lovely figure for this trundle bed. One of the best beds on the market, it is made to sleep well with kids while still not taking up too much space in their room. The grey color makes it look amazing without straying from basic elegance so you can buy one at an affordable price online!

  • Material/Finish: Mango wood/Grey.
  • Dimensions: 45*45*45.
  • Style: Contemporary.
  • Mattress Type: Simple mattress.
  • Pillow Type: Two simple pillows.

Trundle Bed Ideas Design For Boys

Your son deserves the best. We have trundle beds for boys that are not only affordable, but also handsome and well-made. If your little guy is ready to give up his room then you might need a bed like this so he can still enjoy sleepovers with his buddies!

Triple Trundle Bed

This triple bunk bed will be the perfect addition to any room, with its beautiful design and practicality. It’ll allow you to store all of your belongings without taking up too much floor space while also creating a comfy place for guests to sleep over!

Twins Trundle Bed For Boys

This contemporary loft bed is made of natural materials such as wood with a lovely brown finish. The side rail blends in well by being white coated metal wires that are latticed, and there’s open shelves on the sides for storage! It also has stairs equipped with niches near them so you can store things while still having easy access to it when needed most.

Low Bunk Beds For Children

It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s room. A clever way of saving space in a small bedroom is with bunk beds. With two children, the low height bed can comfortably fit them and save you from having to purchase separate mattresses or furniture which will take up more floor space than one tall bunkbed would have done so far as storage goes!

Elsa Loft Bed in Brown

The Bunk-It from Gizmo Factory provides a comfortable, safe and solid solution for those who need to provide bunk beds. This bed is lower than traditional bunks which makes it safer to use. It has stairs that make the upper area accessible as well as convenient three storage drawers built into them making this an all around innovative engineering design!

Trundle Bed Ideas Design For Girl

Here are some trundle bed ideas for your little girl!

Sleek with Extra Storage

The trundle bed with pops of sky blue creates a beautiful and modern ambiance in the child’s bedroom. It also provides an opportunity to display books, toys, or any other items that they love without taking up too much space!

Cute with Extra Storage

The navy blue totally awesome girls bedroom is a stunning space, with the bed as its focal point. The black and white trundle below provides an easy way for kids to get in or out of this area, while providing additional storage underneath!

Compact Design

The trundle bed is a great way to keep the room fun and playful. The white, green, and pink color scheme will be perfect for any child with an active imagination!

The Cool Light Nature

The cool light nature of this amazing trundle bed brings a lovely charm to the vivacious kid’s bedroom with its awesome, calming setting. The pull out spacious ?drawer is perfect for storing duvets, extra pillows and other things. All in all the complete design and appearance of this trundle bed is perfection at its finest!

Strengths and Weaknesses Trundle Bed Design

This article talks about the pros and cons of trundle beds. These designs are not just for guest rooms anymore; they can be a practical choice all over your home!

This is an article on why you might want to invest in buying a trundle bed – there’s no need to feel guilty if it doesn’t have any other function than being decorative furniture because that’s precisely what their purpose is: decoration. They’re great as everything from side tables, nightstands, or even desks thanks to its versatility with storage space under the bed perfect for living spaces without much room.


  • The bed is more than big enough for you and your partner to share when you’re at home. And the trundle frame would be perfect if one of those people in this equation has a different sleeping style from yours!
  • The storage system is also provided at the same time and in the same trundle bed. One would love to someone else’s company besides, but they will have plenty of room for themselves too!
  • For those looking to save space, trundle beds are a great option. They can be used for children or adults with the same bed frame and mattress size.


  • This is the only bed that allows you to sleep on a trundle. It has more space in-between, which can be an issue if your room isn’t large enough for it!
  • If your child is getting into that old trundle bed and annoying you with their ladders, then those kids are probably having a difficult time reaching the top bunk. Iron hurts more than anything else too so be careful!
  • The wooden trundle bed may be a good choice due to its sturdy and mature look. However, the chances of getting wood rotten are more in comparison to others so it might not be the best option for people who want an easy-to-clean surface.

Trundle beds have been around for a long time. They were originally designed to help provide extra space in small bedrooms and are now used as the perfect bed frame option for any size bedroom! You’ll find that different trundle designs vary by age, gender, or bedroom set up. Trundles come with an “extra” mattress underneath your normal-sized one which can be pulled out when needed so you never lack sleeping room again!


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